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Maori Business

We have an established Māori business team with a strong local presence, dedicated to delivering value to our Māori clients.

We work face to face – Kanohi ki te kanohi.

Our team has a diverse range of experience and skills that enable them to provide a range of services.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Engaging with a team who deal with regular emerging financial and strategic issues facing Maori Enterprise
  • Working with people who have an understanding of Māori business, and appreciation of culture and values
  • Gaining access to solutions of issues faced by iwi and Māori throughout the country
  • Being able to work with a team that attend the Shareholders meeting and AGM, take the minutes, manage Shareholders databases, liaise with Maori Land Court and present the financial reports in a manner that the owners can understand.


Good Governance

The term “governance” relates to the steering, guiding and control of an organisation. Effective governance is a catalyst for the success of all Māori organisations. Three basic principles of effective corporate governance are; Transparency, accountability and control.

We equip leaders of many different Māori organisations to be effective in their governance roles, by providing training, advice and conducting reviews.


Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic planning is a complex decision-making process involving intuition, creativeness and vision supported by objectivity, logic, methods and analysis. To cope with change, an effective strategic plan should allow your organisation to: clarify long-term direction; formulate action plans; and enhance implementation strategies.

Strategic plans in Māori organisations can have a much longer term horizon than other organisations due to their inter-generational focus and we’ll help you to navigate this complex process, by providing guidance around the capture and implementation of your strategic objectives.


Investment Policies

The inter-generational nature of iwi and Māori organisations provides a great opportunity to invest in longer term investments. But, there needs to be a balance between investing for future generations and meeting the needs of today. Māori organisations are being targeted as investors for many potential partnership and joint venture opportunities which need to be managed in line with their values and strategic objectives.

We help Māori organisations draft investment policy statements. These statements describe the key responsibilities of Boards of Directors and Boards of Trustees and how investments will be managed.


Dividend and Distribution Policies

Determining how to best spend and distribute funds including providing grants is critical to the future financial sustainability of the enterprise

We help Māori organisations develop decision-making frameworks for the sustainable distribution of income to their people and associated entities.


Transactional Advice / Due Diligence

It’s important for Māori organisations to consider how funds are invested. As part of any investment strategy, mergers and acquisitions may arise or business divestments may occur.

In order to have successful business acquisitions you should be fully informed of the key financial aspects of the business including understanding key performance drivers and financial risks. Planning for acquisitions and performing financial due diligence is also critical.

Strengthen your negotiating position and minimise the disruption to your business when making investments, by taking the front foot and addressing potential issues that a buyer may see.

Mergers and acquisitions can be a specialised and complex area. It’s critical to make the correct investment decision prior to an acquisition. Matthew and Robin can help you make better informed investment decisions by providing transaction advice and performing financial due diligence on your behalf.


Business Valuations, Financial Modelling and Feasibility Studies

At the forefront of innovation, Māori Organisations are creating new paths in business, entering new markets and looking for pioneering opportunities to grow the assets of iwi, hapū and whānau. Converting these ideas and opportunities into dollar and value terms can be a significant challenge.  The results are likely to be crucial whether that’s raising capital, presenting as a business case to owners at an AGM.

Matthew and Robin can help you with business valuations, financial modelling and feasibility studies that analyse and capture value. We thrive on the challenge of converting the most complex information into simple and understandable financial outputs, benefitting you and your organisation.


Executive Support

Māori organisations and staff resources can be stretched at times, creating the need for additional capability that may include financial expertise and guidance at a managerial and strategic level. However, the related costs and finding the right people with a heart for kaupapa Māori can be a challenge.

We provide support to Māori organisations in a range of ways including:

  • Management of Shareholder databases
  • Meeting attendance and minute taking
  • Payment of owner distributions
  • liaising with Maori land Court
  • Preparing Financial reports
  • Attendance and presentation at owners AGM
  • Secondments to provide financial and accounting services



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PKF Doyle & Associates - Chartered Accountants
PKF Doyle & Associates - Chartered Accountants
PKF Doyle & Associates - Chartered Accountants
PKF Doyle & Associates - Chartered Accountants
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